Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

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The procedure of brightening concrete floors was developed and marketed first in the mid 1990's and the procedure has actually come a long way ever since. A number of those marketing the process after that were billing it as a "no-maintenance" floor. The problem is numerous concrete contractors Portland Oregon are still selling it as a "no upkeep" floor and that is simply not real as all finished floors require some degree of treatment.


Just as the process of polishing concrete floors has grown so has the appeal of a number of excellent upkeep programs.


The factor you require an upkeep program is this; gradually foot website traffic, buying carts, manufacturing carts, and forklifts trigger mini scratches in the concrete surface area. This creates the light to disperse (refraction) and the floor begins to lose its appeal. Mind you this would take place over a much better time period in a house or restaurant in contrast to a warehouse or production center.


These micro-scratches also have a tendency to catch dirt albeit at a "micro" degree it additionally contributes to the increased monotony of the floor. There is hope though; however an inexpensive "neutral" cleaner may not be the answer for a high web traffic area. It ought to be good for a home, loft or little retail room.


You possibly have actually observed this even more drastically in the structure products aisle at your neighborhood residence enhancement store where the floor starts to bore in the first 60 days, while the rest of the store looks brand-new for 6 months approximately.


If correct upkeep treatments are complied with the foot website traffic wear patterns could not be noticeable for one to three years.


Most of the procedures that have actually been utilized for marble and all-natural rock brightening have been moved over to brightening concrete. Equally as the stone market required to create programs for correct care of their floors so has the refined concrete sector.


Let's use the instance of a busy luxury workplace entrance hall. The proprietor understands that if he does not make use of a maintenance program his fresh brightened marble floor will certainly start to shed its appeal in about 45-60 days from the foot web traffic and the exact same micro-scratches that we reviewed previously.


He additionally understands that it is much more budget-friendly to apply this upkeep strategy as it costs a whole heck of a great deal less than having actually somebody been available in to repolish when a quarter.


Maintenance for polished concrete floors can be done by the janitorial contractor, upkeep crew or perhaps the contractor that brightened the floor to begin with, yet it needs to be done. As in the instance of the marble floor it is less costly than having someone came back to polish the floor once more.


The correct maintenance program is truly rather simple.


  1. An everyday or bi-daily routine of sweeping and/or dust wiping of the floor.


  1. Weekly cleansing and vacuuming of the floor mats which should go to every entryway to the building, this is especially vital in the house and restaurants as sandy type dust and product is your big opponent for a refined concrete floor.


  1. A daily or once a week timetable of cleansing the floor with a concrete cleaner conditioner. This would certainly be made with a trip on or stroll behind car scrubber for a huge facility or simply a mop in a smaller sized location such as a home, restaurant or retailer. The janitorial staff can manage it, trust me.


  1. The tail end of the program is to use a high quality liquid concrete polish that ought to be applied with the appropriate maker. What this does is remove those pesky micro-scratches that we spoke about numerous times. It also makes the floor simpler to clean up which cuts down on your long term costs for the floor.


Nowadays there are permeating sealers/polishes on the marketplace that when used along with lithium densifiers can make these upkeep actions last even much longer and set you back just pennies contrasted to repolishing every quarter or annually.


If you are thinking about a sleek concrete floor for any application make sure to review the upkeep program with your polishing contractor and have him existing referrals for the products that we have actually gone over here.

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