Graduate employability and the career thinking of university STEMM students.

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Graduate employability is not a factor or number, but rather a subject that every university should focus on. The graduates can find a good job after higher education. Graduate employability is something on which a huge emphasis has been put on.  Many universities focus on graduate employability for students. 

Many students who study STEMM subjects aim for the best job in a great company or an institution. But there are only a few who can secure a job, the main reason for this the skillset and low performance in the interviews. However, many universities work with the students to assist them in obtaining university jobs in the UK.

What does Graduate employability mean for STEMM Students?

Graduate employability is quite essential for STEMM students. Many students prefer to get a job after higher education. In many statistics and surveys, it has been found that the high graduate employment rate is much more than pursuing a doctorate. It is quite clear that STEMM students look for graduate employability. And they do consider it to be the future career path before they set foot out of the campus. 

How much is Graduate employability important for universities?

Many universities have stated that graduate students’ employability is essential, and they have benign to work on it. As the first step, they are trying to examine the student support and current services they offer.  For example, they look for the career services that they provide to the students, access to internship opportunities, alumni connections, and much more. 

All such services are offered to the students and the support of the connections and other stakeholders. They try to build Stemm student’s employability and increase the students’ chances to get a job. 

Why is graduate employability important for the QS?

QS is the essential factor that every employer considers. Such rankings provide employers with crucial details like the credibility of the institution and students. Similarly, it works for the QS, too, since they use the employability factor to give ranks to institutions and contribute to its credibility. 

Are schools working towards helping students to be career-ready?

There have been colossal documentation made on translation from education to career. According to recent research, it showcases that policymakers and educators are working hard towards making students career-ready. But still, there are many skills that students need to acquire along with the degree. 


Graduate employability continues to be a significant factor in deciding the institution in the college. Many students go to the institutions that offer the best graduate career facilities and a higher employability rate. 

STEMM Graduates like science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medical sciences look for jobs that offer great learning. Students from such fields need to have a diversified skill set. According to different studies, many factors decide the graduate employability of the students. STEMM fields are quite important. Getting a job in it could be quite tricky since it does require lot of work; hence one should learn more about career readiness.

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